24 Ways to Declutter in 2024

As 2024 approaches, it’s the perfect time to focus on your home, studio, and office to declutter and create spaces that are lighter, brighter, and more organized. Take charge to declutter and start the New Year with a fresh start!

Our curator, Laura Louise of Restyled Lemons has put together a list of 24 items that will help you get started on your decluttering journey. From your kitchen to your closet, to your art supplies, and more. Who’s ready to leap into this New Year with clarity and pretty spaces?

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Decluttering for the New Year

#1 – Shoes

This is a hard area for me. If they are worn and you debate wearing them, toss them out. Make space for the shoes you truly love and wear more often. I deal with situations by rewarding myself. For every 3 pairs of shoes I toss or donate I get one new pair!

#2 – Clothing

Start with the clothes in your closet. Choose to donate or sell what you have not worn in the last year. Look at it and if it doesn’t bring you Joy or serve a purpose, it’s time to part from it.

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#3 – Kitchen Tools

Something I overlooked for years. After so many years of moving I learned to get rid of redundant gadgets I just never used. This goes for an excess of mugs and glasses and possibly Tupperware items too. If you haven’t used it in 6 mos to a year, get rid of it. You won’t use it.

#4 – Expired Food

Who’s guilty of forgetting what’s in the back of your pantry or fridge? Me! Take time to look and get rid of all the old food and expired cans/boxes. You will have so much space and be able to get to the items you need faster.

#5 – Old Books and Magazines

These items can add up fast. The ones you won’t read again can be donated or recycled. Plus, if you craft as a hobby, use the pages for art projects too.

#6 – Unused Electronics

Are your old cell phones and cords piling up? These can take up space in corners and countertops. Be aware of them and just sell them or recycle them. One less area you need to dust.

#7 – Excess Furniture

If you are piling up old furniture in your garage and just haven’t used it for at least a year, it’s time to resell it or donate it to a family that needs it. Or if you are into upcycling like me, paint it and sell it for a profit!

#8 – Expired Medicine

I just did this one last month. I was searching for something specific and couldn’t believe all the expired medications that I found. Check your medicine cabinet or pantry area and safely dispose of any unused or expired medications.

#9 – Toys and Games

This was a big one when my kids were little. I used to pack up the extra toys and rotate them, it was like they had new toys all the time. But if your kids have outgrown the toys or you have duplicates, sell them or donate them to smaller kids or preschools. Do this with old board games too. This is such a freeing way to declutter your home and you bring smiles to others.

#10 – Jewelry

Declutter these pieces by knowing what jewelry you have never worn and have not worn in the last year. Decide which pieces you wear consistently and keep those. You’ll be making room for new pieces to be added.

#11 – Old Towels and Linens

Look through the collection you have. Decide which are too stained, have holes, or are just too outdated for your home, and choose to toss them or donate to animal shelters. They will be put to good use!

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#12 – Cosmetics/Toiletries

This is one area that when decluttered will make you feel so good! Go ahead and toss unused products, empty containers, and color choices you never should have gotten, and make room to access this area and get ready with ease. Also, look through your skincare collection and go through the same process.

#13 – CD’s/DVD’s

It’s time to get rid of these physical discs and digitize them. You can create digital libraries for music and movies. This is a great space saver.

#14 – Unused/Old Cleaning Supplies

Look through your cabinets and toss old bottles that are almost empty or expired. Make room for new supplies to create a fresh and clean space.

#15 – Exercise Equipment

These are great for collecting dust and spider webs. If you haven’t picked it up and used it in the last year, it’s time to donate! Just think of the space you will gain.

#16 – Old Receipts and Papers

I am so guilty of this one. Piles and piles of paper that are not needed. Go through your purse, your bags, your drawers, your desk, and if it’s unimportant and unnecessary, shred or recycle it.

#17 – Broken Items

For these items, take a look at them and be honest with yourself, are you going to fix them? I think if it’s been on the to-do list for close to a year, it might be time to toss them or donate them to others who have the time to repair them.

#18 – Old Craft Supplies

This one hits home with me. I just want to collect them for that just-incase moment. But we all know that craft supplies can add up quickly. Take some time and get rid of the ones you don’t use. Think how much easier it will be to get to the supplies you use more regularly.

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#19 – Old Decor

It’s time to get new decor and throw out the old outdated pieces you just don’t display anymore. Or just keep the decor that you love and use.

#20 – Garden Tools

What tools do you need? Only keep the ones that are well-maintained and that you use frequently.

#21 – Old Cookware

This is a great way to declutter your kitchen area. If it’s not performing well or a piece you never used, it might be time to part ways and create more space.

#22 – Subscriptions

Clutter can add up in your inbox too. Go through all subscriptions and cancel the ones you forgot about and the ones you just don’t need anymore. Less clutter in your email and money saved.

#23 – Sentimental Items

If you have a mother-in-law like mine, you have quite the collection of sentimental items as I do. Go through and hold each item and see which ones are meaningful to you and evoke sweet emotions. Take those cherished ones and place them in a significant area and let the others move on.

#24 – Pet Supplies

Depending on how many animals you have, these items can create clutter. Go through and get rid of duplicates, damaged pieces, and outgrown items, and let them grow so you have extra space for the important pet items.

With these 24 items decluttered going into 2024, you’ll create more efficient and organized areas in your home. This will bring peace into your spaces and help you embrace joy in letting go and moving forward. You’ll be refreshed and ready to tackle your dreams and passions in a clutter-free environment.

Laura Louise Kottke
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Laura Louise Kottke

Laura Louise is a native Californian who has resided in Austin, TX for 17 yrs. She has been into art in some form or fashion since she was a kid – doodling on the walls of her closet and spray painting the inside of her garage door. Laura began her career as a teacher, where she worked for over 20 years.

We are looking for submissions for paint, craft, home, or lifestyle tutorials!

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