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Lori Siebert is a Maker at Heart

When I was a little girl, my Mom enrolled me in private art lessons after I won a ribbon in a local art fair. I was a shy kid who was always thinking and dreaming. I loved making stuff like tissue paper flowers, melted crayon candles, crocheted purses, and dough ornaments. And back then, you spent all day playing outside. My neighborhood friends and I would take nature walks collecting flowers, leaves, acorns, and berries to use in our projects.

Those play days first inspired my fascination and love of nature. The colors, the textures, the patterns of the flowers, the leaves, and the birds are an incredible source of inspiration for me to this day. I also love folk art. I grew up in the 60’s. I remember this floral pattern that was on my sleeping bag. It was pink, yellow and lime. The flowers and leaves on it were very simple, graphic shapes. I LOVED it! A lot of what surrounded me then had this kind of vibe… a blend of folk art and mid-century modern. Because of this kind of influence, my most authentic creations have that kind of look and feel.

After a childhood filled with creative exploration, I went on to study art all through school. In high school, I loved creating clay pots by hand or on the wheel, collaging, drawing, batiking, and painting. When it came time for college, my counselor pointed me towards getting a degree in graphic design. I went through a 5 year program that alternated school and work quarters. I learned so much about problem-solving and processes. But, I really loved my elective courses in printmaking and drawing the most.

After college, with help from my husband doing the business side of things, we started our own design firm. It was 1987, just 3 years after I graduated. Steve and I spent the first 20 years focused on branding, packaging, and print materials for clients like Target, Nickelodeon, and Bath and Body Works. We also spent a few years doing environmental graphics for our city and for Universal Studios in Florida. About 14 years ago, we switched our focus and have been creating art, pattern, and product concepts for art licensing. Our designs have been featured on ceramics, wall décor, fabric, stationery, rugs, pillows… you name it! Today our talented daughter, Kenzie, works with us as a designer. I am looking forward to supporting her work in licensing while I do more painting, making, and hosting art retreats in gorgeous locations. I often create handmade prototypes that are given to the factories to recreate. So all that time making stuff as a girl has served me well.

I’m truly a maker at heart.

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