An Interview with Annie Sloan of Annie Sloan Chalk Paint

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Have you listened to our Paint Talks interview with THE Annie Sloan of Annie Sloan Chalk Paint? We are recapping some of the most memorable moments from Episode 27, originally released in March of 2021. It was a memorable conversation for Dionne and Annie is always an inspiration!

Annie Sloan on her start in art

Annie has felt she’s been a creative person her whole life – partially because of her father and her upbringing around art. In her early twenties, Annie was a part of a band called the Moodies while she was in art school. The first two years were spent looking at everything from theater to pottery and a load of different disciplines. That’s when she decided she wanted to be a fine artist, which lead to three more years of fine art school, which was followed by a Master’s degree at another university for two more years.

Annie Sloan Chalk Paint food printing

Annie talks about getting started in the chalk paint business

After art school, Annie had been painting murals and art for others. She didn’t start her paint business until she was 42! She had three children under 10 at that point and found it harder and harder to go off and do a painting for somebody. She’d been thinking about creating her own paint for a long time and thought of a business that could make money while she wasn’t out actually working. Annie says, “Little did I know that it was more work than anything else!”. The rest is history – Annie started a business about making paint because it was her big obsession.

Annie Sloan Chalk Paint Bedroom Wall

Annie on being an entrepreneur

Annie knows she is better at working for herself than other people and she knew she wanted her work to be something quite flexible. It’s also why she started selling in small, independent shops. Having control over packaging and pricing meant she can help support and work with shop owners and independent creative people without telling them how to sell her product.

Annie Sloan Orange Wall Chalk Paint

How Annie stays on track and overcomes bumps in the road

Annie used to be a list-maker – lists for her jobs, long-term lists, short-term lists, and daily lists. While she isn’t writing lists as much anymore, she’s still making them in her head and knows that at times she can get stuck on the tasks that are on those lists. She finds it important to keep long-term goals in mind to put the rest of the work in perspective. Annie says, “In the end, ideas are what matter. You can kill a person, but you can’t kill an idea. Go with those ideas!” Her advice is that goals mustn’t be material things – don’t aim for money or material things, focus on what you do.

Annie’s advice to someone starting out in painting

Paint! Annie’s first bit of advice is to paint things that you already like – don’t paint a tea trolley, because tea trolleys are ugly. Start with items that are nice looking to start with. Also, start simple – don’t try five colors, decoupage, crackle, and guilding until you master the basics.

Looking for more with Annie Sloan?

Learn about her band the Moodies, one thing she would go back and change in her business, and what is next. Listen to the entire podcast at your favorite service, or check it on Paint Talks. Annie was also in our January 2021 issue of The Turquoise Iris Journal. You can purchase a digital copy and read her feature. Visit Annie Sloan at the links below! Annie Sloan Home Website Facebook Instagram

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