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Angie Nordstrum is a multi-passionate artist and maker who creates vibrant, colorful paintings on canvas, walls, windows and clothes. Her mission is to create art that inspires and maybe even sets your soul on fire.

Angie’s artistic journey has taken her to fascinating places, including the design and creation of eclectic decor for eight renowned restaurants across the country. Fueled by her love for public art, she has adorned numerous walls in Colorado with captivating murals. Sharing her expertise locally and internationally, Angie imparts her knowledge through engaging workshops.

She gives back to her local community through many family art experiences throughout the year and by mentoring high school students in the art of mural painting.

Angie’s passion for travel and adventure has led her to live in London, explore the culture of Paris, fly in a plane that landed on the beach, swim in jungle waterfalls and mountain surf the slopes of Colorado.

Angie’s work has been published in The Turquoise Iris Journal, Better Homes & Gardens Do It Yourself and Creatives Kids magazines and The Denver Post. Angie is based out of the scenic foothills of Colorado when she is not galavanting around the globe.

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