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Kelly Wiler is an Ohio artist that has been creating and practicing art since she was a young girl inspired by her art teacher, she lives with her husband Jeff of 26 years, and their 20-year-old daughter Cassidy. While Kelly teaches many different styles of paint classes and workshops, she specializes in the Intuitive Art process as a way to push her students to new levels of awareness in their own artistic journey. Kelly found her own “artistic fingerprint” (as she refers to it) once she started incorporating this unique soulful practice into her own paintings and believes it’s inclusive to every creator, no matter what their level of painting is.

Kelly currently owns a full-time working art studio in Zanesville, Ohio called Girl UPcycled Studio where she can be found daily working on new furniture and canvas art or teaching her online membership group “The Creators Club”. Kelly welcomes the public inside her studio on Fridays and Saturdays to shop the various curated items she has found from local and small creators throughout the U.S. or they may even choose to attend art classes, retreats, workshops or the always fun First Friday Gallery Hop that our town offers every month!

Kelly also offers all of those amazing curated finds on her website for those that live out of state or that prefer online shopping so make sure to take a peek at for some beautiful and unique items!

GirlUpcycled Studio

126 Muskingum Ave., (Suite C)
Zanesville, Ohio 43701


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