Karen Berg


Karen is the kind of person who will talk to anyone in a grocery store line, dance in public to a a good song, laugh so hard she cries, doing all of these things on a fairly regular basis. Karen’s nickname in High School was “Good Time Charlie”, (given by her Great Grandma for someone who is the life of the party), she still lives her life this way, always searching for joy and fun wherever she goes.

As a kid, Karen was a serial maker. She never outgrew her love of creating. Now as an adult, she can’t stop making, upcycling things and creating things. With an emphasis on Upcycling Old Furniture and Dumpster found artifacts.

Karen is a wife to husband and best friend “Mark” of 30 years, Mom of 3 grown kids and 2 dogs that will never grow up. Karen spends most of her time making creative messes, dumpster diving for old furniture to upcycle and DIYing projects all throughout her home.

Redoux Interiors

Rancho Co-op – Redoux Interiors
5685 Main Street
Oakley, CA 94561


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