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Laura Louise is a native Californian who has resided in Austin, TX for 17 yrs. She has been into art in some form or fashion since she was a kid – doodling on the walls of her closet and spray painting the inside of her garage door. Laura began her career as a teacher, where she worked for over 20 years.

Laura now creates mixed media on canvas with encouraging messages and has been custom painting furniture for families for 9 years. She’s always had a strong desire to enrich people’s lives around her, wanting to let people know, especially children, that they are loved and valued and created for a purpose. She has now added a new Children’s Collection of furniture & decor to her product line. These pieces will have a message of love and encouragement and will be bold with color or subtle with style. She has loved getting to meet with families and create the perfect rooms for their homes.

Laura can be found taking long walks, being with family and friends, always learning about designing & decorating, and finding healthy recipes, because she loves food!

Restyled Lemons

780 FM 1626, Suite 213
Austin, TX


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