Vision Board Ideas for Creatives
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Vision Board Ideas

Hi! I’m Dionne Woods; an artist, coach, and founder of The Turquoise Iris Journal. One of the first steps I take with my coaching clients is to ask them for a clear picture of their goals. What are their big dreams? What do they want their life to look like in a...

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DIY Christmas Ornaments

When we saw these handmade ornaments from Pam Dudley of Pam’s Painted Petals and Design we knew we had to share them! Thank you so much to Pam for teaching us how to make these fantastic DIY Christmas Ornaments. DIY Alcohol Ink Christmas Ornaments Supplies Glass or...

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DIY Creative Crafts

Here at The Turquoise Iris Journal, we consider ourselves curators of timeless creativity. Our goal is to collect and catalog the pursuits of creative people, from painters and poets to crafters and crocheters. There are so many DIYs and craft project tutorials...

How Launch a Magazine
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How to Launch A Magazine

For the Fall 2022 Issue of The Turquoise Iris Journal, we chose the focus word Listen because it just so happened to be our very first printed edition of the magazine. Our subscribers begged us, so we decided to listen. In honor of the first printed issue and its...

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Phone Wallpapers for Fall

The Fall 2022 issue is filled with so many inspiring images, quotes, and stories that we just had to share some of that goodness with the world! We put some of our favorite quotes from the issue over some beautiful backgrounds so you can carry a little inspiration...

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Fall Table Decor

Fall is here! Although our love for summer and all things bright and colorful runs deep, Fall is a great season for quiet reflection, cozy DIYs, and some truly gorgeous fall table decor for all the wonderful autumn gatherings. Whether you’re hosting a holiday feast...

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Decor for Music Lovers

In January of 2022, The Turquoise Iris Journal was fortunate enough to feature the art of Anissa Perry on our cover, specifically her portrait of the incredible icon Dolly Parton! If you’re anything like us then you also believe that more color is always a good...