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Benefits of Having a Hygge Home

Hygge (pronounced "hoo-gah") is a Danish concept that is all about creating a warm, cozy, and welcoming atmosphere in your home. Amy Sadler shared with us her journey in learning a hygge lifestyle. Have you heard of Hygge yet? It's a total vibe and I am chasing it...

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Art While Traveling

Kristal Coral Marie Molina is an artist inspired by the tropics of her birthplace, American Samoa. Now residing in San Diego, California with her husband, she is a proud mother of two young adults. In addition to her role as a K-12 art teacher, Kristal also...

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Backyard Garden

The Flowering Farmhouse is a small flower farm located in gorgeous Hood River, Oregon. Jennifer Gulizia, creator and farmer at The Flowering Farmhouse, grows a wide variety of specialty cut flowers. Of course, dahlias have always been Jennifer’s favorite cut flower...

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How To Stop Feeling Overwhelmed

Do you have a close, personal relationship with worry? Does your imagination run away with itself chasing the worst possibilities? Do you experience sleepless nights filled with nagging apprehension and woe? And most importantly, are you ready to stop feeling...

Vision Board Ideas for Creatives
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Vision Board Ideas

Hi! I’m Dionne Woods; an artist, coach, and founder of The Turquoise Iris Journal. One of the first steps I take with my coaching clients is to ask them for a clear picture of their goals. What are their big dreams? What do they want their life to look like in a...

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DIY Christmas Ornaments

When we saw these handmade ornaments from Pam Dudley of Pam’s Painted Petals and Design we knew we had to share them! Thank you so much to Pam for teaching us how to make these fantastic DIY Christmas Ornaments. DIY Alcohol Ink Christmas Ornaments Supplies Glass or...

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DIY Creative Crafts

Here at The Turquoise Iris Journal, we consider ourselves curators of timeless creativity. Our goal is to collect and catalog the pursuits of creative people, from painters and poets to crafters and crocheters. There are so many DIYs and craft project tutorials...

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