Danielle Shunk and the Happy Chair

During my career I’ve easily convinced myself and others that the more patterns you involve the more it works. Thus, the Happy Chair was born!

There is nothing that completes a room like a Happy Chair! 

Everything in my business in some way encompasses my happy life theory, whether it be color, design, or empowerment! I believe, without a doubt, that we should never get hung up on trends! Instead, fixate on what brings us joy! I spin many plates but, with that being said, I’m not sure I could live without these things in my life! I’ve found a way of making money while I do what I love and making an impact in people’s lives!!! Outside of a little cottage on the beach, I’m living the dream!

I’m a designer, happy life enthusiast, and best-selling author of nothing!! I own a boho-chic store where I create and sell almost everything in it! I provide workshops and have curated a women empowerment program based on my happy life theory! I’m also currently launching my highly anticipated and moderately offensive podcast “The Purge, Fire in the Booth.”

Danielle Shunk is an artist, creative, and owner of  Sincerely, Danielle Shunk. Follow her on Facebook, Instagram, and her website.

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