Decor for Music Lovers

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In January of 2022, The Turquoise Iris Journal was fortunate enough to feature the art of Anissa Perry on our cover, specifically her portrait of the incredible icon Dolly Parton! If you’re anything like us then you also believe that more color is always a good thing. We love Anissa’s art because she captures the timelessness of musical icons like Dolly without ever sacrificing her own signature bold style. Keep reading to see Anissa’s hand-painted art and decor for music lovers.

Decor for Music Lovers

Outside of posters and album covers, there are not a whole lot of options when it comes to decor for music lovers! The options are even more limited for those of us who embrace a bright, boho style in our homes. But with her signature use of bright colors and her incredible skill at capturing expressions, Anissa manages to make decor for music lovers into something that everyone can enjoy.

Just look at how she captures The Man in Black himself, Johnny Cash:

Anissa has also painted some other icons that might be familiar to you… Stevie and Snoop!!!

The amazing thing about Anissa’s portraits is the way that they seamlessly blend a bright, artistic aesthetic with classic profiles for decor that is truly unique. We are obsessed with the way Anissa manages to capture so much emotion in every piece she paints!

Feeling a little bolder than just some wall art? Anissa’s not afraid to take her incredible talent from canvas to furniture, just like she did with this piece featuring Johnny Cash:

Anissa recognizes that true style comes from embracing the things that make us unique! Learn how you can incorporate decor for music lovers into your home by embracing your personal sense of style.

How to Style Decor for Music Lovers

Once you’ve secured a gorgeous portrait from the wonderful Anissa, it’s time to add a few special details to make your space reflect your

One of the key aspects of boho decor (one of the things we love most here at The Turquoise Iris Journal!) is incorporating elements that are personal to the person living in the space. Items like concert tickets, photos, favorite albums, and hand-painted instruments can take a space from feeling like a themed diner to feeling like a warm, lived-in boho paradise!

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