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Here at The Turquoise Iris Journal, we consider ourselves curators of timeless creativity. Our goal is to collect and catalog the pursuits of creative people, from painters and poets to crafters and crocheters. There are so many DIYs and craft project tutorials available for you to follow, but if you’re looking for ideas that are more outside the box then continue reading for a collection of our favorite DIY creative crafts! These activities will encourage you to explore your artistry and step outside your comfort zone to expand your creativity.

DIY Creative Crafts from The Turquoise Iris Journal

Introduction to Wearable Art

Wearable art has been a staple of The Turquoise Iris Journal’s dedication to curating creativity since our very first issue! Back in Fall 2020, we were featuring the latest handbag collection by Dionne Woods, our founder. DIY Wearable art is everywhere these days, from hand-painted wedding dresses to embellished denim. For your next DIY creative craft, we suggest creating your own one-of-a-kind pieces!

DIY creative crafts tip:

Dionne loves using DIY Paint for her wearable art because it’s non-toxic, plastic-free paint made from clay! That means opaque coverage or add some water for a more translucent, watercolor look.

DIY Creative Crafts wearable art

Mixed Media Collage

Artist Brooke Petermann’s submission to Issue Two is the inspiration behind our second DIY creative craft! We love the way she combines art, lettering, and collage to create unique pieces that truly send a message.

DIY creative crafts tip:

This is a great way to recycle practice pieces and scraps of art you might have lying around! Make sure to experiment with words, shapes, and other inspiration that comes to you!

DIY Creative Crafts mixed media collage

Partner Paintings

This DIY creative craft was inspired by artist Keri Carter of One Eighty Relics. In Keri’s submission for our third issue, she shares her process of painting with a partner during the live video segments she called Slingin’ and Singin’. Connection is at the heart of everything we do at The Turquoise Iris Journal, which is why we love the idea of encouraging creatives to get together. There really is strength in numbers! Your next creative craft should be something that you share with friends!

DIY creative crafts tip:

We all get by with a little help from our friends! Host a craft party where everyone brings some art supplies and you enjoy each other’s company while making some unique wall art.

Back to the Basics

In our fourth issue, we featured a special segment from Dionne about her favorite creative activity: finger painting! She believes that finger painting is more than just a creative exercise, it’s also an important mindset exercise to help you discover and trust your creative intuition.

DIY creative crafts tip:

Dionne likes using DIY paint because it’s non-toxic and kid/pet-friendly! If you’re not sure where to start, we recommend flowers!

Art in Three Dimensions

In issue five, our second fall issue, Lori Siebert shares a furniture makeover that uses clay and stencils for a layered, textured finish. For this DIY creative craft, we want you to climb out of the box and create something in 3D! Use clay, fold some origami, or carve a statue — whatever gets you excited about creating!

DIY creative crafts tip:

Try combining one or more crafts, art mediums, or styles to add even more depth! Add some texture to your painting with air-dry clay, embroidery, or collage.

Upcycled Greeting Cards

This DIY creative craft is inspired by Renee Smith of Raine Gardens and Rainy Day Vintage, owner of RDV Prints! In our sixth issue, Renee shared some of the greeting cards that she had painted and printed. We know that all of us have that drawer in our house where the old cards go to wither away until eventually (with lots of guilt) toss them in the recycling. Instead of that, we challenge you to upcycle those old cards into something new! Cut and fold them into tiny gift boxes, use craft punches to cut out shapes and make a collage, or turn them into gift tags!

DIY creative crafts tip:

If you love the sentiments inside the card but still want to use the art on the front for a project, we suggest taking photos of all the heartwarming messages to print as a photo book to look back on and enjoy.

DIY Creative Crafts Upcycled Cards

Think Outside The Box (like, literally)

We loved featuring Creative HeARTs for Good in our seventh issue! Tons of artists across the US came together and painted beautiful boxes in their own style. Those boxes were then auctioned off with the proceeds going to charity! We love the idea of decorating everyday objects to incorporate a little more beauty into your day-to-day life. Find a box in your home and paint, bedazzle, carve, or otherwise transform the exterior so that it matches the creativity and color of the beauty inside YOU!

DIY creative crafts tip:

Jewelry boxes, recipe tins, jars, bottles… Nothing is off-limits! Allow your creative flow to take you to unexpected places.

Play With Your Food

Our summer 2022 issue featured a popular feature from Danielle Fischer of Magnolia’s Yarden! In her feature, Danielle shares all the ways that she incorporates flowers into her events — from adding edible flowers to ice cubes to using them in sweets and salads. Your next DIY creative craft could be something that you get to eat at the end! Don’t worry if you’re not a skilled baker because this isn’t about impressing anyone’s in-laws. Simply focus your creative energy on a new medium… food!

DIY creative crafts tip:

If you’re feeling overwhelmed by this suggestion, start small! Instead of a standard veggie tray, what if you arranged everything into a rainbow or a bird? Or maybe you can use food coloring to paint on a piece of toast, just because.

DIY Creative Crafts Play with your food!

Fun With Flowers

Our first print issue is filled with incredible DIY creative crafts, but we think that you’ll be especially inspired by floral artist Leah McLean of The Salted Image! She combines two of her great passions, flowers, and photography, to create images that are perfect down to the last detail. Your next DIY creative craft involves PLANTS! We want you to use only natural materials to create art that inspires you.

DIY creative crafts tip:

Flowers, leaves, stems, sticks, berries, and anything else you can think of should be your medium. Arrange a bouquet, create a nature collage, or take pictures of whatever inspires you.

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