DIY Fall Pumpkin Decor

When you put out your pumpkins this season did you question if it was OK to start decorating for Fall? Did it even cross your mind? Did you start in September or October? Well, this year I actually pondered the question because my daughter, a college senior, told me it was too early for pumpkins. It stopped me in my tracks! I thought to myself, I know when to start decorating, why are you questioning me? I’ve been decorating for years and am uber aware because I am an artist, content creator, and continually doing themed lives, I always have the seasons in the back of my mind for content. So when September rolled around, the beginning of fall in my mind, it was time to decorate. I had already done several fall-themed mixed-media pieces online and was getting ready for more. I especially wanted to decorate as soon as possible this year because here in Austin, TX it has been in the 100s almost ALL Summer long, which made me crave the Fall season and its weather to come even faster.

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When is it time to decorate for fall?

Even though I knew I was right (add a big grin here) I did do a little research on the topic. I learned that autumn officially starts on September 23. The autumnal equinox is the date when the fall season begins in terms of the planet’s rotation and proximity to the sun. Days start to get shorter and darker after this date.

It also said that the unofficial start of fall was when school got back into session, I fall along this line of thinking, it’s how I grew up. The last thing I read about was to look to see if your neighbors have started decorating yet. All great paths to follow to determine if and when it’s time to start decorating for fall. I’d love to hear what your opinions are on the matter. Contact me below!

Fall Pumpkin Decor

Okay, so back to decorating! This year I am going to paint my pumpkins a little differently and create a fun new type of Fall decoration. I always start with hanging the wood pumpkin with the big orange bow adorned on top of the front door, string the proverbial fall banner across the fireplace mantel, and add real and faux pumpkins surrounding the hearth and the mantel, plus faux fall foliage.

I also have a community picnic bench out front on my lawn, going on for 7 years now. I painted it turquoise and yellow and decorated it with seasonal flowers or decor. Sometimes I even put cold water out for walkers. But every year I place a few painted pumpkins on it with messages on them. The first year where we live now I put a huge pumpkin on the table and painted it with the words BE KIND. It got stolen twice that year, there’s a whole story to it I’ll have to share on another blog. I even had a parent ask me this year while I was watering outside if I was going to add painted pumpkins again this year. She said she and her kids love to see them every year. I said absolutely! My pumpkin was in the garden just waiting to get painted.

Now let’s get into detail about the new fall item I created. It all started with me visiting a friend and using her bathroom. Ha, I can only imagine what you must be thinking. How’d I get a decor idea from a bathroom? As I was washing my hands in her bathroom I was taken aback by her unique decorations. They were wood signs with the cutest hearts on them. Not just some ordinary heart, painted or a picture of one. They were made with burlap. It really popped! I even took my phone out and documented the signs. I just knew I wanted to recreate something with burlap, but on canvas, not wood. I thought I could easily do that myself!!

My mind was spinning with all the fall ideas to create. But somewhere in that pool of ideas, I kept thinking of what I wanted to create with burlap. Then it hit me like a ton of bricks, a pumpkin made out of burlap, not just plain colored burlap but orange burlap! Idea created! I had never seen it done, but knew I could figure it out. Gosh, I got so excited in my mind!! So y’all get to be the recipients of this new decor idea!

So here are the steps to create your very own fall pumpkin decor from burlap canvas. And you can hang it up as early in the season as you want!

Supplies to create your own Fall Pumpkin Decor:

  • 16×16 level 3 canvas
  • spool of orange burlap
  • Fall-themed scrapbook paper
  • decoupage medium (I use Paint Pixie’s Meltdown)
  • artist brush
  • needle and thread
  • archival black pens
  • sticks for a stem
  • use scrapbook paper to create leaves or grab some fall leaves outside
  • stamps
  • glue gun/sticks
  • chalk paint (I used DIY Firestarter, Orange Crush, and White Swan)

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  1. cut your burlap into 10″size strips
  2. paint the canvas as you desire. I painted the whole piece with both oranges then added some white on the upper half for some blended color.
  3. decide what type of background you want for your canvas with scrapbook paper, stamps, etc.
  4. Create your background layout and start creating, and decoupage along the way ( I cut and tore pieces off of four sheets and put them on the upper edges of the canvas).
  5. Once dried, start sewing on your burlap pieces to create a pumpkin. I also used hot glue to get down the edges and the meltdown over the burlap to add extra security. I just played it by ear as I went along.
  6. Next, you can add the sticks to create a stem and add the leaves you choose
  7. (optional) Paint the sides of your canvas
  8. Once everything was dry, I added extra detail with my black archival pens to help the piece stand out a little more.

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Thank you for being here and taking a few moments out of your day to spend time with me. I love to create and teach and I appreciate your time!
I hope you are able to try this fun mixed media piece and it becomes a fun focal part of your Fall decor. Be sure to take time for yourself during the week and Choose Joy!

From My Heart To Yours,
Laura Louise


Laura Louise Kottke
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Laura Louise Kottke

Laura Louise is a native Californian who has resided in Austin, TX for 17 yrs. She has been into art in some form or fashion since she was a kid – doodling on the walls of her closet and spray painting the inside of her garage door. Laura began her career as a teacher, where she worked for over 20 years.

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