Easy DIY Winter Decor with Gina Luker

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DIY Winter Decor

It’s that time of year when we’re all taking down the holiday decor but we’re not quite ready to put up our spring items. Fortunately, artist and author Gina Luker has the perfect winter decor craft for you!

Boho Snowflakes

White snowflakes are probably fine for most folks, but Gina Luker knows that we love COLOR here at The Turquoise Iris Journal! In our latest issue, out January 2023, Gina shares her tips for an easy DIY winter decor project that will bring a little color to your winter wonderland.

Easy DIY Winter Decor Tutorial

Gina says that book pages are perfect for watercolor painting! The texture of old book pages holds the paint much like common watercolor paper, yet the paint still allows the beauty of the words to shine through.

She recommends that we don’t shy away from experimenting with folding the pages in different ways, painting with multiple colors, or even cutting them up into crazy shapes. You never know what might become a happy accident! Much like in real life, no two snowflakes are exactly alike. It’s the variation in shapes and sizes that make big displays more beautiful.

Gina used some old book pages and watercolor paint she already had on hand, but you know we have to give a shout-out to our favorite hand-poured watercolors from The Turquoise Iris! Dionne’s paints are heavily pigmented for colors that pop off the page.\

Once you’ve got your snowflakes cut out, the easiest way to apply them to the wall is using poster putty or sticky tack! Of course, your snowflakes can also be used in journaling, as part of gift wrapping, or as party decor; let your imagination be as vivid as your snowflakes!

Gina Luker is an Alabama-based author, artist & creative entrepreneur who draws inspiration from her travels and nature. She’s a mental health advocate, who has both bipolar disorder and ADHD, and she uses art to calm the chaos of life. She’s been featured in several magazines and websites including Country Living, Romantic Homes, HGTV, Brides Magazine, and The New York Times. Gina offers classes and supplies to help explore their creativity.

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