Edible Flower Desserts with Danielle Fischer

by | Jul 26, 2022 | 2022 July, Blog, Lifestyle

Have you ever tried edible flowers in your desserts?! In our latest issue, Danielle Fischer shares her tips for hosting a heavenly garden party featuring flowers at every turn!


Combining sweets and flowers… pure bliss! It is something that is so simple and so rewarding. From cakes to cookies and any other thing you can think of, adding edible flowers to desserts will take your event to another level. Just the amount of pictures people will take prior to indulging in the after-dinner delight will create a ripple effect on spreading the love for flowers! Without a doubt, one of the most enjoyable and effective desserts has proven to be lavender cookies. Both the look and the taste combine for a dessert that at first bite people will be taken aback by how good the lavender is when it hits the palate. Often we forget that the smells and flavors we most cherish come from the plants and flowers of nature, the more often we can remind each other of this, the more connected we are to each other and our environment. In addition to the cookies, flowers added to cakes, pastries, and ice cream are all desserts that “pop” with the addition of flowers. Using pressed, dried, or fresh flowers will increase the application options and diversity of how you include edible flowers at your party. Pressed flowers on a cake make a simple cake into a work of art for all to enjoy, even without taking a bite. Let your creativity flow into the design and vision, there is no limit to what you can create.

Now you might be asking, what edible flowers should I use and how do I prepare them? Let’s discuss some of my favorite edible flowers to add to your party. As previously mentioned, lavender is a great choice providing a familiar fragrance and delicious taste that people will be sure to recognize. For a beautiful blue flower, borage is a great choice. Edible blue flowers are difficult to find, but if you can get some they make an impact on the eye to say the least. To help provide the most choices on a color I recommend pansies. They go on anything and can be pressed, fresh or dried. You cannot go wrong with this next flower, one of the most popular in the world, the rose. The rose embodies elegance and provides a fragrance that people will recognize. The rose is a staple of many gardens and therefore would go great at any garden party. Last but not least, the Marigold. The petals are perfect to sprinkle on anything. They will provide a subtle citrus/tart flavor that is fantastic as an addition to chicken or fish.

Read more of Danielles tips for a gorgeous garden party in the Summer 2022 issue of The Turquoise Iris Journal!

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