Everything You Want to Know About The Turquoise Iris Journal

by | Apr 27, 2021 | Blog

Our Mission Statement

The Turquoise Iris Journal is a quarterly art and lifestyle magazine centered around exploring color in unexpected ways throughout our work, lives, and mindset. Our mission is to amplify creative voices and empower all artists to recognize the value they bring to the world. We do this by offering several platforms for our contributors to share their work with the world:

  • The Turquoise Iris Journal
  • The Journal Spotlight, a live show hosted every Tuesday on Facebook.
  • Paint Talks’s Podcast, the podcast companion to the journal.

Who is The Turquoise Iris Journal for?

Inside the Iris Journal you’ll find tons of content catered to creatives.

In addition to the creative tutorials, shop tours, and interviews, we also feature mindset talks, business tips, marketing ideas, and more content. The magazine exists to help artists, makers, and creative business owners build their art skills, empower their creativity, grow their business, and get their work in front of their ideal audience! 

Whether you’re an art lover or a full-fledged gallery owner, there is always something beautiful, inspiring, and educational for you to read, watch, and learn in The Turquoise Iris Journal.

Cover of The Turquoise Iris Journal
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Why We Went Digital

We went digital because it most aligned with our goals! When Dionne set out to launch The Turquoise Iris Journal, she knew she wanted it to do three things:

  • Empower creatives to share their expertise and creative works,
  • Connect our readers and contributors through social media channels,
  • Provide a multimedia magazine experience unlike any other.

Unlike traditional print magazines, #IrisJournal provides a unique interactive experience! Readers are able to click links within each article to quickly follow other artists online, access free digital content, and watch videos right from the magazine. 

A digital magazine means that we’re able to provide more content, all in one place!

Who should submit to The Turquoise Iris Journal?

The Turquoise Iris Journal features creatives of all kinds, from furniture artists to watercolor painters and stained glass creators to cookie decorators! We also love to feature business owners, coaches, and other professionals who are interested in sharing their expertise with our subscribers.

If you’re interested in submitting to the Turquoise Iris Journal, be sure to like and follow our Facebook page for the latest updates

The Turquoise Iris Journal Contributor
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How do subscribers access The Turquoise Iris Journal?

Subscribers access every new quarterly issue using the members-only portal on our website

There is no other magazine like The Turquoise Iris Journal. Every issue brings me to tears with how moving, beautiful, and vulnerable our contributors are in each article.

Our greatest goal at the Journal is to make sure that we reach as many people as possible; not just so that we can have a popular magazine but so that our wonderful artists get the attention and recognition they deserve.

We are looking for submissions for paint, craft, home, or lifestyle tutorials!

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