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The Unexpected Making of an Art Print Business

Renee Smith shares her unexpected journey to create an art print business, RDV Prints. The beginnings of something new often come when we least expect it! It was Christmas of 2020 when the simplest thing changed everything! The year, we all remember well, was the year we lost my Dad and my Mom became a widow. She had been painting with me for 2 years and I know having that was what helped her as much as having family nearby. That Christmas, she gave each of us what would become the last gift from her…a hand-painted Christmas card. That card, simple as it is, changed the direction of my...

Vision Board Ideas for Creatives
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Vision Board Ideas

Hi! I’m Dionne Woods; an artist, coach, and founder of The Turquoise Iris Journal. One of the first steps I take with my coaching clients is to ask them...

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