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Taking Time to Create in a Busy World

Does this sound familiar? Oh, I don't have time. I need to get A-B-C before I can do…go ahead fill in the blank with that excuse you may use before we do something to nurture our soul. Burnout is something I hate to admit I know a little too well. It led me to a stroke this past December and like a fire drill, I had to stop, drop, and roll out a new plan. Burnout is real, and we often don’t know we’ve pushed ourselves into this predicament until it’s too late. As I reflect on my own experience and talk with others, I find more often than not, a lot of us feel guilty about taking time to...

Vision Board Ideas for Creatives
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Vision Board Ideas

Hi! I’m Dionne Woods; an artist, coach, and founder of The Turquoise Iris Journal. One of the first steps I take with my coaching clients is to ask them...

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