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BIG changes for The Turquoise Iris Journal!

Being a creative feels a little like being an iceberg… folks only see about 10% of the work that we put out while 90% of our efforts are happening under the surface. I’ve been working hard in the background, under the surface, for the past few months in order to make some truly HUGE changes to The Turquoise Iris Journal and the time has finally arrived to let everyone know!!! (RE)Introducing The Turquoise Iris Journal I had an epiphany last year: The Turquoise Iris Journal is more than a magazine. So much more, in fact, that we decided to stop calling it a magazine altogether! Instead, we...

2022 April, Blog

Laura Barnes

Laura Barnes is the owner and artist of New to You in Angus, Ontario, Canada. "I am a mother to three beautiful children and a creator by heart. I write...

2022 April, Blog, Paint

Maja Komasa

"ReLoved by Maja Komasa is a two-person family business. Our passion was born on the Isle of Man, where we lived for 10 years. This is where the idea of...

2022 January, Blog

Esther McCord

When we planned Issue 06’s neon color scheme and chose SPARK as our focus word we knew we had to reach out to Esther McCord! Her art is filled with vibrant...

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Summer Art Series

Every summer for the past few years I have challenged myself to create a focused art series and this year is no different. The fourth issue of The...

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