Fall Table Decor

by | Sep 6, 2022 | Blog, Home, Lifestyle

Fall is here! Although our love for summer and all things bright and colorful runs deep, Fall is a great season for quiet reflection, cozy DIYs, and some truly gorgeous fall table decor for all the wonderful autumn gatherings.

Whether you’re hosting a holiday feast or simply gathering your family for a home-cooked meal, fall table decor is a great way to add warmth and personality to your tablescape. In the Fall 2021 issue of The Turquoise Iris Journal (available for digital purchase here!), our founder Dionne Woods shared her tips for a fall tablescape to remember.

Fall Table Decor

The simplest and, in our opinion, most beautiful way to incorporate the fall season into your table decor is to bring a little bit of the outdoors inside with you.

Fall Table Decor Inspiration

We love to start with a warm, neutral palette for all the basics like linens, plates, and bowls.

Add in some unexpected pops of color (we love yellow because it works for all seasons!) alongside natural elements such as pine cones, cinnamon bark, and dried stems or flowers.

Silk flowers make wonderful fall table decor; you never have to worry about falling petals or grimy water!

A little bit of shimmer can take your fall table decor from gorgeous to glamorous. We love using gold, copper, and bronze accents for a more elegant table.

DIY Fall Table Decor

Want to make your own fall table decor? Watch this video from Dionne Woods to see how she puts each element together for a warm, unforgettable fall tablescape.

Table Styling for Fall with Dionne Woods

Dionne is the artist and owner, The Turquoise Iris – More tutorials or to Follow Dionne – https://www.theturquoiseiris.com

Fall Gatherings Inspiration

Why wait for the holidays to host a fabulous fall gathering? Here are our favorite reasons to have friends and family over for a dinner party:

  • Celebrate the first day of autumn with a harvest dinner of fresh fruits and vegetables!
  • Invite the whole family over for a Grandparent’s Day potluck! Ask each family to cook a family recipe in honor of the grandparents.
  • Host a ladies-only event for International Daughters Day!
  • Celebrate World Food Day with an international potluck… and raise money for world hunger while you’re at it!
  • And we can’t forget International Artist’s Day on October 25th! Celebrate with unique recipes, edible flowers, and colorful food for a one-of-a-kind mix of food, art, and community.

Find more fall decor inspiration in The Turquoise Iris Journal — now available in print! 


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