Art Therapy with Llewellyn Krastev

by | Oct 8, 2020 | 2020 October, Blog, Lifestyle

Llewellyn Krastev of Worn to Whimsy shares her perspective on art therapy.

I started painting furniture about six years ago while pregnant with my youngest daughter. At first, I needed an outlet, and to work from home to be able to stay with my two daughters. This has become so much more than that, it has become my passion. For me, my furniture pieces and now canvas as well, are a very true expression of myself, and I put everything I have creatively into them.

Art has become my therapy, my release, and my happy place. It has brought me back from some dark places and helped me through so much in the past few years. I was absolutely terrified to paint my first scene on furniture, let alone share it with anyone once finished. But paint it and share it I did, and the journey it took me on is one I would not exchange for anything. The fire inside of me could not be held in and gave me the courage to just go for it, paint the scene, and share it with others.

Now, each day I push myself to share and to try new things so that others, you, may be inspired to take that leap. Start the journey, gather your courage and try something new, because unless you try, you never know what you can achieve.


Arth Therapy Llewellyn Krastev of Worn to Whimsy
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