Finding Courage in Discomfort

by | Oct 8, 2020 | 2020 October, Blog, Home, Lifestyle

The Turquoise Iris Journal Founder Dionne Woods shares her “why” and finding courage.

I’ve been uncomfortable for years. There’s absolutely nothing comfortable about starting a business and growing it from the ground up. Finding courage to do it all will come and will go but, at the end of the day, if you find yourself in an uncomfortable situation it’s likely because you’re growing.

Courage is the power word for our next issue, the first of what we hope will be many, because almost everyone wishes they had a little more of it. In this issue, you will hear stories that enlighten, empower, and will challenge you. The creatives featured are all gifted, just like you, and we want to highlight their voice and their craft and inspire you to step outside of your box and try something uncomfortable.

Starting a magazine, for example, has put me in the most uncomfortable position I’ve been in in a very long time. I want you to love it as much as I do. I want you to turn the page with so much desire it feels like a romance novel you read when you were 18, dying to know what was going to be said next. While it may not be that powerful for everyone, I’m incredibly proud of the courage it took to just go for it and give it 110% of my heart. I hope that you find value in connection on every single page.

Through these difficult times, I challenge you to remember the moments where you felt on top of the world and that you could do anything. Hold onto those feelings and try to duplicate them as much as possible. Let’s see if it becomes a new habit or a new pattern of behavior.

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See her cover piece, studio tour, interview, and more in the first issue of The Turquoise Iris Journal!

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