Jami Ray and Zeb Ray’s Farmhouse Tour

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Zeb and Jami Ray take us on a tour of their freshly fixed-up farmhouse!

Hi! I’m Jami Ray. My husband Zeb and I take vintage, antique, and found items that need a little help and turn them into amazing home decor treasures. We have a practical and everyday approach to “upcycling”. From paint to upholstery, we have done it all with furniture or will try it (at least once). Zeb and I do this full-time as our sole income and love sharing the tips and tricks we’ve learned along the way. Our style is mostly farmhouse with a touch of French Country.

We almost always post five videos a week and we do a live stream twice a week.


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Zeb and I do a little bit of everything. We love to upcycle and paint. Thrifting and picking for salvage or antiques are one of our favorite things. We’ve managed to find a way to do what we love for a living and share that out with the world through social media. It’s the best when someone watches a tutorial on our YouTube channel and is inspired to create their own treasures with their unique spin.

In 2019, we had been renting a home from Zeb’s cousin for nine years. We had talked about purchasing a home but being self-employed for four years made working with a traditional lender difficult. We weren’t actively looking for a home when a close friend of ours, that also happens to be a realtor, called us insisting we see this fixer-upper. At the time it was the cheapest home for sale in Lehi, Utah.

However, it’s cozy and it’s uniquely ours and we wouldn’t have it any other way. It’s hands down the biggest project we’ve ever undertaken. It stretched our DIY skills and our patience and our wallet. The journey has been so worth it though. I would do it all over again in a heartbeat!

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