Laura Barnes

by | Apr 21, 2022 | 2022 April, Blog

Laura Barnes is the owner and artist of New to You in Angus, Ontario, Canada. “I am a mother to three beautiful children and a creator by heart. I write poetry and published a poetry book. I refinish furniture full time and paint canvas whenever I can.

Whether it’s updating a family heirloom piece for a client or writing poetry, my end goal is to always share my gifts and personal reflection in hopes to help and inspire others. Mostly family heirloom pieces that people have sentimental live for, but they just don’t fit into their current decor. I change that! I make them ‘new to them all over again’ and they can display and love those pieces for generations to come. My book of poetry, Broken Down Beautiful, is out now on Amazon.”

Wild and Free

Growth is but a seed planted from faith. It is dug in a bed of strife, planted In a hole of hope, watered daily in needed nourishment, bathed in the forgiving sun of personal reflection and acceptance. It is with everlasting and unyielding hope, that one day, it will stubbornly take root. One day, it will bloom. It will become wild and free, victorious, amongst the vast, relentless weeds that fight daily to cover your existence. Time to Grow I need time alone to grow. Grow and reflect. Grow to accept. Grow to reinvent. To find what is hidden. Time to grow into me. To become more like me in a world full of you. I’ll lay down my ego and walk away from perfection. I’ll sit settled in my trust that I am beautifully made. A clear reflection of his own device and making, the sky is my limit, my potential unparalleled. Growth in its purest form takes place, ignited by my passion, and my hunger for change. Sparked by my undying flame to be all that I am meant to be. I hold onto it, it’s within my grasp. I’ll forever keep it safe, tucked deep, within my spirit. Ready to take the leap. To take the jump I was so afraid to take. I have no fear of the fall, for my wings have grown, with faith as my assurance I am certain they can bear the weight, keep me steady. No longer will I settle for a life sitting on the ledge fearful of the potential fall. For falling in grace, with a purpose, is better than sitting stagnant in regret. Watch, as I soar amongst the birds that live within the horizon, free and uncaged, ready to roam, content, having finally grown into my new wings.


Read more of Laura’s work in the Spring 2022 Issue of The Turquoise Iris Journal.

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