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Paint Talks Episode 131 with Esther Franchuk

May 18, 2023

Dionne Woods chats with The Turquoise Iris Journal’s Volume 11 Cover Artist, Esther Franchuk today on the Paint Talks Podcast. Esther is a mixed-media fine artist from Ukraine. She is currently based in Berlin, Germany, with paintings represented in private collections globally. Esther was professionally trained in classical drawing & oil painting at Grekov Odessa Art School – the oldest and one of the most renowned schools of art in Ukraine. After her graduation, she moved to Western Ukraine. She continued her studies at Transcarpathian Art Institute for two more years learning about authentic Ukrainian art and folk crafts and obtained a Bachelor’s Degree in Fine Art. She was also given the opportunity to go abroad to be part of various art programs in the United States & Europe. One of her most life-changing experiences was taking the Mastery Program at Milan Art Institute in the USA. It was there she developed her unique style and artistic voice.

Her artwork is colorful and vibrant, full of narrative and storytelling. She traveled all over the world to collect and gather inspiration from various cultures. During her travels, Esther was driven to create artwork that would speak to everyone and empower many. To her, art in any form has always been a unique tool that makes a difference in this world. It doesn’t have language or cultural barriers and speaks directly to the human heart. It’s a unique way to express the worlds within and around us, capture the moments in their very essence, and make them tell stories.

Her paintings are made in the style of abstract realism. She uses various mixed techniques: acrylic, inks, graphite, and collage, and completes the work with oil paints. Esther loves color and loves to experiment with it. Her style is peculiar and unique. In the recent series, Esther paints the beauty and prophetic calling of her own homeland. Now like never before she wants to make the destiny of Ukraine known to the world. She believes art is a great tool to change the world, to bring beauty, and hope, and to impact all spheres of society.


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Episode 131 – Ukrainian Artist Esther Franchuk on Understanding Excellence Within

Ep 131 Ukrainian Artist Esther Franchuk on Understanding Excellence Within

Ep 131 Ukrainian Artist Esther Franchuk on Understanding Excellence Within

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