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Paint Talks Episode 158 with Mansi Bhatia Tripathi

Jan 11, 2024

Mansi is a creativity facilitator guiding women to let go fully, to embrace wholeheartedly, to feel deeply, and to paint freely. Mansi encourages women to acknowledge the pressures of the day-to-day and say “not now” when they’re creating art. She helps women see themselves in a new light, love themselves for the unique beings they are, and appreciate the perspective they bring to their art as a result of their own life experiences.

Mansi deeply believes that vulnerability is a strength, not a weakness, and creates a safe space for tears, squeals, laughter, anger, frustration, and love. She permits women to feel it all, so they can express themselves in their art authentically.

Mansi’s mission is to help women learn to give themselves the same grace and kindness they routinely extend to others; to re-aquaint them with the power that resides within; to equip them with tools to create and live more purposefully; and most of all to rediscover their three-year-old-uninhibited selves.

Mansi’s work doesn’t follow trends nor can be boxed into a niche. Her free-spirited creations are filled with bright colors, abstract florals, and joyful patterns. She believes art has the power to heal humanity, one person at a time, and has been handing out “gratitude tags,” which are essentially mini mixed-media panels, to community members for almost 5 years. These bucket-fillers are the perfect size for artistic experiments and are vehicles of joy, empathy, and kindness all rolled into one.


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Episode 158 – Mansi Makes on Motherhood and Gratitude

Ep 158 Mansi Makes on Motherhood and Gratitude

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