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Paint Talks Episode 169 with Patty Levine

Jul 4, 2024

Other artists tell Patty Levine, artist and owner of Ooh! I Love That, that she brings a calming presence to any space she enters, but as someone who tests cars while constantly traveling for her full-time job and runs Ooh! I Love That on the side, her life is anything but calm! Nature, photography, painting, collecting furniture and vintage goods while staying organized through project management all contribute to what Patty’s business stands for – saving the planet one beautiful thing at a time. Painting, collecting, and organizing help to keep her creative and analytical brain balanced and peaceful. Using her 25+ years of project management experience, Patty helps other artists organize their businesses by practicing these skills and stress relief strategies.

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Fun Facts About Patty:

  • Owner and artist at Ooh! I Love That.
  • Lives in Waldwick, NJ
  • Is a DIY paint retailer
  • Owns a vintage shop
  • Refinishes, restores, and paints furniture
  • Is married to her husband David and has 2 married daughters
  • Tests cars for a living

Patty Enjoys:

  • Photography
  • History and nostalgia
  • Creating and decorating for events
  • The thrill of the hunt for antiques and vintage
  • Traveling
  • A great road trip
  • Attending creative retreats

Patty is getting braver painting on canvas every time she does it!


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Episode 169 with Patty Levine of Ooh I Love That on NOT Quitting Your Day Job and Mindful Living

Ep 169 Patty Levine of Ooh I Love That on NOT Quitting Your Day Job and Mindful Living

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