Spring Trends – Behind the Scenes

We have SO MUCH FUN putting together The Turquoise Iris Journal! I love inviting you into my studio, my heart, my home…and even my wardrobe!

Next month we’re launching our third issue just in time for my new spring collection. In the magazine, I’ll be pairing my new handbags with my favorite outfits for something we’re calling a Spring/Summer Style Guide!

I can’t give any magazine secrets away just yet but I can share some photos of the new spring collection (which is available on my website).

When we were choosing a print for the new merchandise I reached out to Team Turquoise to see which painting they wanted as the star of the show. In a near-unanimous agreement, “We Dance” was chosen as the favorite! 

Without further ado, here is the “We Dance” collection from The Turquoise Iris!

We Dance Snap Tote

I hate to admit my bias but I LOVE this small tote! It’s big enough for all the spring essentials at the ballpark: snacks, sunscreen, and a notepad for all the brilliant ideas I get while sitting out in the sunshine.

We Dance Bucket Tote

Do you know the best thing about this tote? It has two paintings for the price of one tote!

We Dance Zip Top Tote

At 18x12x5”, the zip-top tote is a best seller for its size and the convenience of a full zip-top!

We Dance Crossbody

Our crossbody is another big favorite! I know more than one friend who keeps a crossbody in their bucket tote for busy shopping days.

We Dance Apron

After the success of my last apron, I knew I had to order more this time around! I am so glad that my follower chose this print because I had no idea that it would turn out so perfect for an apron! This is probably the most used piece of merchandise in my house, It has long straps and is made of gorgeous, thick material.

We Dance Georgette Silk Scarf

As with anything silk, this scarf really needs to be seen in person to be believed! It’s so incredible.

We Dance Designer Art Journal


Okay, so this isn’t technically an accessory, but I wasn’t sure if everyone would love these as much as I do but I ordered them anyway. Luckily, the response to the new designer journals for the first time ever and the response has been AMAZING! 

We Dance Notebook


We all know (or are!) someone in our lives who has to write ev-er-y-thing down on paper. I think I have at least 10 lists going at any given time! This notebook is a great way to step up your notetaking game.

Wearable art is something that should be way more mainstream, don’t you think?

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