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We’re here to help! We want you to enjoy all the benefits of your subscription to the #IrisJournal.

Viewing the #IrisJournal

Will I receive a physical copy of the #IrisJournal?

The Turquoise Iris Journal is published as a digital magazine each quarter. Your subscription allows you to access the digital FlipBook right on this site!

Each issue is full of links to great products and tutorials – making it easy to find all the great resources featured that quarter.

Can I read the issues from my tablet or phone?

Yes! Our FlipBook is compatible with all devices. You are welcome to use the toolbar at the bottom of the FlipBook to zoom in on articles, change the view from a double-page spread to a single, and more!

Accessing Content

How do I log in?

Once a subscription payment has been processed, you will be prompted to create a username and password for the #IrisJournal site. 

Please visit our Login Page to enter the subscription portal. 

What if I don't remember my username or password?

Please visit the Login Page and use the email address when registering for your #IrisJournal subscription. Then click the “Lost your Password?” link below the form to reset your password. 

Changing My Subscription

Where can I view the details of my subscription?

Please visit the Subscriber Portal page to view the details of your subscription. Here you will find:

  • Your username
    Your current subscription (annual or quarterly)
  • The start date of your subscription
Will my subscription auto renew?

Your Annual and Quarterly subscriptions will auto-renew on the date purchased.

For example, if you purchased your subscription on August 15, 2020, your annual subscription will auto-renew on August 15, 2021.

If you purchased your quarterly subscription on September 5th, your quarterly subscription will auto-renew every 3rd month on the 5th day.

How do I cancel my subscription?

To cancel, please email accounts@theturquoiseirisjournal.com

Will I loose access to issues I've already purchased if I cancel my subscription?

You will continue to have access to all issues of The Turquoise Iris Journal that you have paid for. Canceling your subscription will only stop the addition of new issues to your account.

Billing Inquiries

How do I update my credit card information?

Please visit the Subscriber Portal page to view the details of your subscription. Under “Subscription Information” at the bottom of the page, you may click the “Update Payment Info” link to immediately enter your card information.

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